Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support Calculator

Before you claim Housing Benefit, you must check to see if you should be claiming help with your rent from Universal Credit instead.

You can only claim Housing Benefit if:

  • you or your partner are a pensioner; or
  • you live in supported or temporary accommodation (if you are unsure, please ring us first on 0345 8 504 504); or
  • you receive either Disability Living Allowance (Care) at the middle or higher rate or Daily Living Personal Independence Payments at the standard or enhanced rate, and you live by yourself, and no-one receives Carers Allowance for looking after you.

You must check here first to see if you should be claiming Universal Credit instead of Housing Benefit. It is very important that you claim the correct benefit. If you claim the wrong benefit, you may lose out on entitlement.


You should only complete this form if you want to apply for help at an address within the Wakefield District. If you are unsure, please check the address here.



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